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Principal's Message

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the website of Canossa Convent Girls’ Inter College, Faizabad.

As you read through the pages of this site, you will learn about our school, wonderful students and get a feel of the vibrancy and strength of Canossa Family.

Our school is one of the leading providers of quality education in Faizabad. We aim to give every student the very best possible education in order to prepare them for life beyond school.

We are a ‘Learning Community’ which encourages staff, students, ex-students and parents to involve themselves fully in all the aspects of school life and to identify themselves with its core values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Co-operation and Achievement. Our School is large enough to provide broad and differentiated curriculum that caters to varied interests and abilities.

Our school has a very strong and supportive School Council that ensures that the school continues to excel in everything we do. We strive to create an aura where each and every student is given the attention necessary to achieve individual success and to bloom in a nurturing environment.

We are looking forward to a positive upbeat journey at Canossa. I encourage all students to take pride in your school, stand up against injustice of any kind and to avoid anything you know is not right. Remind yourself that you do not have to follow the crowd. Be yourself, even when no one is watching and do the right thing.

All of this is made possible by strong partnership that is developed between the school and parents. I hope that our dear parents will help us by reinforcing school expectations at home. With your support, CCGIC will continue to be a school community in which every person feels respected, valued and encouraged and challenged to achieve the highest levels.

Our commitment at Canossa is to provide a safe, positive and rigorous learning environment that will empower students to become creative problem solvers, critical thinkers and inspired learners prepared for College, Careers and above all for LIFE.I hope rather believe that our website will assist in this endeavour.

Let’s make this journey of learning filled with
Passion , Purpose and Positive Memories !

Sr. Linda Thomas