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Examination & Withdrawal

  • Admission to class 6th will be based on merit. An admission test will be conducted. Pupils of Canossa Primary School would also have to complete the necessary formalities for the admission. Even those who pass the admission test, if their family background and conduct are good will not be admitted. The discretion of Principal in that regard would be final.
  • Pupils coming from recognized school must produce the transfer certificate from the last school attended. Admission will be granted only after testing the candidate. If the standard is below , she will be admitted to a lower class.
  • Parents are kindly requested to deal directly with the institution for admission and any other school matters.
  • The College authorities reserve the right to refuse the admission to a pupil without assigning any reasons. They also reserve the right of refusing to continue the study of any pupil whose conduct, in their opinion is not satisfactory. The decision in this regard by the college authorities would be final and can not be called in question in any court of law.
  • Application for the Transfer Certificate shall be made in writing to Principal at least three days in advance by the the Parents/Guardian. T.C. will be issued only after paying all the dues and T.C. fee.
  • A student leaving the college in the middle of the terms will be entitled to a copy of the transfer certificate on payments of all arrears of school dues, the tuition fees for the remainder of the current term.
  • The name of students who does not rejoin the college within three days of the commencement of the college shall be struck off.
  • If a student continues to be absent without leave application for ten working days in succession, her name will be struck off the register.
  • Conduct certificate will be issued only to the pupils who appear for the Intermediate Examination. Any other certificate will be issued on the direction of Principal and the same will be charged Rs.50.00